About Us


DreamsN' Weirdo is an expression.  

An answer. created by Jerrytheblack, to the formless, weightless question we all ask, a question that sneaks into the cackles of our minds,  when we've fulfilled the prescription thrust upon us by our culture, our peers, and our parents: 

"What next?" 

Created for the modern day introvert. Who are often called and considered weirdos. However, the creators here at DreamsN' Weirdo find these "weirdos" happen to be the most creative, conscious, and most dream driven people in this world. 

All the while dreams are often smothered lifeless by reality, and our weirdness expected to be dressed by normalcy. We believe Dreamers should mine more insight within their daily daydream daze.  

They embrace the simple truth, the underlying fact, their doubters, their enemies, their fears refuse to accept, the coming reality is nothing more than a shared dream, and it is us dreamers...who are the kings and queens.  It is us who convert the weird, into commonplace.  It is us who create the status quo.  It is us who define the generation.   

We are DreamsN' Weirdo.